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A Warm Welcome

Hello and welcome to my website which I sincerely hope is going to help you navigate
your way through the transition from child to adult health services.

The Purpose

My name is Glynnis and I’m mum to Elke 'B' who is hilarious but medically fragile young lady. Whilst this website aims to help anyone who has a child or young person with Special Educational Needs (SEN) or recognised as disabled and should have an Educational Health & Care Plan (EHCP), it is particularly targeted at those families who have a medically complex child or young person, possibly under the care of their local hospice who may not have expected their child or young person to actually make it to the age of eighteen. With this in mind, there are several aspects that a young person may prefer not to read about nor be made aware of; but equally, it is the hope that the information found on this website provides the means to start some otherwise difficult conversations.

Helping you move through the system

I created this website as Elke needed to transition from child to adult healthcare services in 2020. That was a year when for most of us, very little of what 'should happen' actually happened and I found myself desperately trying to progress forward with little or no support. It was because of this that I have now published an ongoing website, workbook, and some workshops designed to make the journey for you easier or smoother by providing signposts as to what to look for as you 'move through the system'.

Navigating through Internet Land

A lot of information can be found in 'internet land' which is supposed to assist you in making decisions with your child or young person about their future. Unfortunately, it is not particularly visible even when you are specifically searching for it! When you do stumble across something it is often considerably out of date as the local councils, government, and NHS guidelines/protocols are continually subject to change without the rapid synchronicity of online portals/websites.

One system does NOT fit All!

Your child or young person is undeniably unique and sadly the process currently in place is designed as a 'one system WILL fit All!'

No doubt you have already had to fight for your child or young person's EHCP (Education and Healthcare Plan) to reflect their needs and for the school or placement to be able to recognise and deliver those needs. I wish I could promise you that adulthood brings fewer fights – but I'd be gravely misleading you!

Taking back control

What I will try to do is point out the wins and the shortcuts through transition that I've spotted, but please know that this is an entirely new system, learning and understanding how you and your child or young person fit in. My goal is that this website together with my experiences will give you hope and advice for navigating your own way through and taking back control of the whole situation.

A shared journey is an easier one

One of the greatest gifts that Elke has shown me is the ability to learn from other people's and parents' experiences. Whilst our path is unique I have met and continue to meet many other parents along the way whose paths have crossed and remained with ours for a while. Where possible, I will also ask them to share their journey so you can see how other people have overcome the same or similar hurdles and challenges.

By all means, if there are more things that you need to know please do E-mail me your suggestions. Similarly, if you offer a service or have discovered something useful to share with this community please do get in touch at:

Join our community

To become a member of the Mrs Bizzy Wizzy community and continue to receive or contribute useful information to helping other families transition from child to adult healhcare services, please click here. You will also be kept up-to-date with future workbooks, workshops and events.

About Me, Glynnis

Glynnis, affectionately known as Mrs Bizzy Wizzy, recounts her journey intertwined with her husband Matt, aka Wiz, and their adventures. From meeting on a ski holiday to navigating life with rheumatoid arthritis, she embraces a motto of always having something to look forward to despite challenges. Glynnis is deeply involved with Demelza, a local Children's Hospice, as a choir member and Parent Ambassador, sharing her family's story and fundraising through daring activities. Additionally, she serves as a Trustee for Choice Through Education, supporting education in Kenya.

Her days are consumed with caring for Elke, her daughter, whose medical needs are her priority. Despite this, Glynnis manages multiple businesses aimed at assisting families, including a partnership with Utility Warehouse and resources for families transitioning from child to adult healthcare services. Alongside her husband, she enjoys cultural outings, concerts, and theatre, finding joy in life's simple pleasures amidst its complexities. Glynnis' resilience and commitment to making a difference shine through her various endeavours…

About Elke 'B'

Elke adores giraffes, music therapy, and her favourite TV shows like Strictly Come Dancing and Doctor Who. She delights in cinema trips, especially for Fairies or Disney films, and enjoys gardening and crafting with glitter. Swimming, laughing at the dogs, and spending time with family bring her joy. Gary Barlow's voice captivates her, along with artists like Adele and Coldplay.

Nicknamed Elke 'B', she was almost named Berengaria but became Elke B after a mix-up during her birth. Despite her challenges from Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE), she finds comfort at Demelza's hospice and the hope is that she can continue to access their facilities until she's twenty-five. HIE, caused by oxygen deprivation during birth, affected her fine motor skills and vision. Videos recorded on HIE Awareness Day offer insight into her life and its impact on her family...

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